April 07: SLIDE (short film)
Genre: Political Thriller
Lenght: 20'
Format: DV
Location: United Nations building, NYC
Cast: Galit Levy (Sha), Moshik Cohen (Mr. Stynes).
Crew: Mike Cauchi (assistant camera), Gregory Pigeot (boom operator).

An intelligence agent confronts a powerful woman terrorist named Sha, who wants to take out the United Nations building and everyone in it. The agent must try to stop her at any cost.


August 01: THRAX (short film)
Genre: Political Thriller
Lenght: 8'
Format: DV
Location: Clarmont Street, NYC
Cast: Jon Scheider (Jack Stynes), Donella Marie (Les Gale)
Crew: Rona Mark (assistant director), Steve Piro (sound), Patrick Downs (editor).

Two CIA agents must work together on an isolated NYC street, out in the open, to stop a Cassidine's terrorist named Zel from making his next attack in the city before its too late.

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