Name: Andrew Phillips
Date of Birth: November 7th, 1978
Country: United States of America
State: New York

I'm a new blood film director, writer and visionary. I want to change the art of films to make them better today. What inspires me as an artist and as a filmmaker is the passion and desire to change the world of filmby making the best movies for film addicts to see and love, to have them think they saw a film that is really worth. Film is the main artistic medium I work in. I have other interests in reading, playing casual sports and listening to rock music.

For film training I went to the "Action/Cut Directed by" Directing Film and Tv Seminar under DGA film director Guy Magar. During July of 2003, I attended the New York Film Institute (Columbia University), under film/tv producer Peter Katz, where I made a shortfilm called Thrax. Between the months of January/April of 2004, I took classes at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) under director Jerry Sherlock, where I shot a shortfilm in Grand Central called Shrug and another shortfilm at the United Nation's called Slide. I have diplomas and certificates from each of the film schools.

My work in the shortfilm Thrax has been shown at the "Action/Cut" Shortfilm Film Festival and at the New York Film Institute. My shortfilm Slide has been shown and screened at the New York Film Academy.

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